Category: Faculty & Staff

Grades K-6 Teachers


Michelle Deutschmann

Credentials: B.S. Elementary Education, Shippensburg University; M.Education Learning Disabilities, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 2001
Church: Harvest OPC

Angie Proudfit
Kindergarten Aide

Credentials: B.A. General Business, Davenport University; A.A. Child Development, Kuyper College/GRCC
Experience: Teaching since 1991
Church: Caledonia CRC

Julie Warners
Grade 1 Teacher

Credentials: B.A. Education, Calvin College; ZA Endorsement, GVSU; M.A. Early Childhood, GVSU
Experience: Teaching since 1992
Church: Friendship CRC

Pamela Maartense
Grade 2 Teacher

Credentials: B.S. History, GVSU; M.A. Reading in Education, Western Michigan University
Experience: Teaching since 1995
Church: Heritage Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids

Chelsea Otten
Grade 3 Teacher

Credentials: B.A. English, Hope College; M.A. Curriculum, Cornerstone University
Experience: Teaching since 2010
Church: LaGrave Avenue CRC

Julie Groenhof
Grade 4 Teacher

Credentials: B.S. Science, GVSU
Experience: Teaching since 1995
Church: Georgetown PRC

Sue McCrory
Grade 5 Teacher

Credentials: B.A. Education, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 1976
Church: Harvest OPC

Emily Postma
Grade 6 Teacher

Credentials: B.A. Elementary Education, Dordt College; M. Ed Curriculum, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 1999
Church: Bethany URC

Joel Bont
Physical Education

Credentials: B.A. Physical Education, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 2006
Church: First CRC of Byron Center

Nicky DeBoer
Band, Music Theory

Credentials: B.A. Instrumental Music Education, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 2004
Church: Covenant URC

Barb Moorman

Credentials: Church Choir Director
Experience: Teaching since 2004
Church: Cornerstone URC

Amy Prins

Credentials: Practicing Artist
Experience: Teaching since 2013
Church: Bethel URC

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