Category: Faculty & Staff

Grades 7-12 Teachers


Barbara Bleeker
Composition, Literature, English

Credentials: B.A. Secondary Education & English, William Patterson University; M. Ed Curriculum & Instruction, Regent University
Experience: Teaching since 2014
Church: Heritage Reformed

Joel Bont
Physical Education

Credentials: B.A. Physical Education, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 2006
Church: First CRC of Byron Center

Randy Bosma
Computers, Math

Credentials: B.A. German and History, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 1997
Church: Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church (Knoxville, TN)

Joel Carlson

Credentials: B.A. Education, Cornerstone University; B.S. Education, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 1982
Church: Grace Community

Nicky DeBoer
Band, Choir

Credentials: B.A. Instrumental Music Education, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 2004
Church: Covenant URC

Grace Edouard

Credentials: B.A. English/Dutch, Windesheim College
Experience: Teaching since 1991
Church: First Byron CRC

Afton Hanenburg

Credentials: B.A. Spanish & Sociology, GVSU
Experience: Teaching since 2014
Church: Lamont CRC

Matthew Jacobsma

Credentials: B.A. Business Administration, Dordt College
Experience: Teaching since 2020
Church: 1st CRC, Orange City, IA

Kimberly Koetje

Credentials: B.A. Secondary Education, K-12 Art, Calvin College
Experience: Teaching since 2014
Church: Calvary CRC

Rev. Greg Lubbers

Credentials: Master of Divinity, Puritan Reformed Seminary
Experience: Church Pastor, Teaching since 2005
Church: Covenant URC

William McQuade

Credentials: Pursuing M. Div., Puritan Reformed Seminary
Experience: Teaching elder
Church: Free Reformed

JD Miller
Math, Logic, Computers

Credentials: B.A. Physical Education, Minor English, Cornerstone University; M.A. Sports Management, American Public University
Experience: Teaching since 2007
Church: Georgetown Bible

Caryn Simon
History, Civics

Credentials: B.A. Elementary Ed, Cornerstone University; B.A. Religious Studies, Grace Christian University
Experience: Teaching since 2018
Church: Cedar OPC

Dr. Peter Tjapkes
Math, Apologetics

Credentials: B.A. History, Calvin College; M.A. and Ph.D. History, University of Michigan
Experience: Teaching since 1984
Church: New City Fellowship

Christina VanBeek

Credentials: B.S. Biology, Calvin College
Experience: Health care giver and trainer since 2005; MSTA member since 2011; Teaching since 2011
Church: American Reformed

Kathy VanderJagt
Social Studies, Computer, Yearbook

Credentials: B.A. English & M. Education, GVSU
Experience: Teaching since 1993
Church: Walker URC

Nicholas Vos

Credentials: B.S. Social Studies and Math, GVSU
Experience: Teaching since 2018
Church: Bethany URC

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