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Athletics Overview

Our Purpose

To develop the Christian character of young men and women, using the many lessons learned in success and failure to cultivate their skills and abilities to live based on their relationship with Jesus Christ, for the glory of God

Our Mission

Participating in a sport is a wonderful opportunity to improve physical skills and athletic abilities, as well as to learn and utilize lessons in discipline, fitness, teamwork, and attitude. We intend to use this blessing from God to enjoy our health and His creation. We also have the great privilege of letting our lights shine before men, as we play this sport to the glory of God through Christ His Son, our Savior. Therefore, let it be our primary goal to glorify God’s name and edify one another throughout the season. We look forward to learning these lessons together as we walk humbly before our God.athleticsmain

Core Values

  • Christ-Centered: Build character and develop a servant’s heart through hard work and discipleship.
  • Team: Value the concept of “team” as greater than the concept of the “individual.”
  • Lofty Goals: Strive for excellence in all things.
  • Commitment: Participate fully and be on time.
  • Respect: Be respectful of coaches, teammates, officials, fans, and all you come in contact with.
  • Humility: Consider others of higher esteem than yourself.

Expectations for Participation

Nearly equal playing time will be awarded to players participating through the eighth grade. Even so, the coach may elect to have the players he or she feels gives him or her the best opportunity for victory participating in the contest in the final moments.

At the freshman and junior varsity levels, competition will increase to the point that not every player will be awarded equal playing time. However, to ensure that student-athletes develop to their full potential, every player will be awarded as much playing time as possible, insofar as it does not hinder the development of players with the greatest potential.

At the varsity level, while it is often in the best interest of the coach to use all of his or her bench depth, it is sometimes necessary that a disparity of playing time between players be in place in order to give the team the greatest chance for success. Varsity coaches have the right to distribute playing time in whatever way they feel is best for the team.

Regardless of age, playing time need not be awarded to players who fail to show maximum effort.


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Athletic Director: Joel Bont

Mascot: Mountaineers

Colors: Navy Blue & Gray

Class: D

League: Alliance [League Schools and Directions]mhsaalogo

Player Policy: Player Handbook

Eligibility: Extracurricular Eligibility Policy


Online Volunteer Sign-Up: CLICK HERE

Interscholastic Sports Offerings 




Boys Soccer (JH, V)

Boys Basketball (JH, JV, V)

Boys Baseball (JH, JV, V)

Girls Volleyball (JH, JV, V)

Girls Basketball (JH, JV, V)

Girls Soccer (JH, V)

Cross Country (V)




Click HERE for the current practice and game schedules.

 MHSAA Insurance Coverage

Zion is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). One of the benefits of membership is medical insurance coverage for athletes participating in MHSAA-sponsored events or practices. This includes special coverage for head injury events. For more information on this coverage, click HERE.

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