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In keeping with Zion's motto of Learning and Living for the Glory of God, Zion Christian Learning Enrichment Services recognizes that in learning, as in life, God has gifted each one of His children with various strengths and weaknesses. With this in mind, our mission is to equip students with the strategies they need to reach their full learning potential, to the glory of God.

The Gift of Learning

The act of learning utilizes complex aspects of our brain, attitude and dispositions. Every child has been created with the wonderful gift of learning; a gift that is significantly impacted by many internal and external factors throughout their developing years. To meaningfully teach children, we must determine how they learn. We are all God’s unique creatures, full of differences, including our learning processes. These differences are not a disease, just a difference, which originate from sociocultural or exterior factors as well as our individual gifts.

Program Goal

The development of one's learning method is impacted by countless factors. However, the focus of the resource program is not to determine the origins of a child’s unique learning process. Rather, our primary goal is to determine the obstacles that hinder a child's academic development and to devise methods of learning that enable students to overcome such obstacles.

The Evaluation Process

To gain a deeper understanding of how a particular child learns, the resource teacher uses information gained from parents, teachers, observation, learning products, and occasionally formal testing tools, to identify the child's areas of strength and weakness in learning.

A neurodevelopmental profile is another tool involved in student evaluation. The profile contains descriptions of the child’s neurodevelopmental functions including attention controls, temporal-sequential ordering, spatial ordering, memory, language functions, neuromotor functions, social cognition and higher order cognition.

Finally, a review of a student's sociocultural and emotional influences including, but not limited to, elements of environment, attitude, emotion, and interaction with others may be performed.


Once a child’s strengths and weaknesses in learning have been identified, strategies are formulated that will use his or her learning strengths to overcome their weaknesses, providing opportunities for enriched learning and success in the classroom. With appropriate academic assistance, specialized instruction and accommodations are implemented to assist the student in the classroom; remembering always that our foremost purpose is to help students develop into strong learners, taking ownership of their own learning.


The Zion Christian LES Program has the tools in place to properly identify a student's learning needs and address them through proven methods implemented by qualified staff. Equipped with the tools necessary to be strong, independent learners, students enjoy ongoing success within the classroom setting.

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