Category: Academics

Academics Overview


Christian Identity

In keeping with our “Basic Principles for Education,” we approach our students as image-bearers and covenant children of a Sovereign Creator God, but also as believers who are called to live out the eschatological spiritual victory of Christ within the creation as prophets, priests, and kings. We consciously strive to nurture within our students the qualities inherent in this Biblical identity and every interaction we have with them, whether inside or outside of the classroom, is shaped by it.

Academic Excellence

Zion offers a rigorous liberal arts curriculum appropriate for college preparation and vocational training. We trust that our students will learn to the best of their abilities, as they are called to do all things as unto the Lord (Col 3:23). We expect that our administrators, teachers, and students alike will strive joyfully and zealously to discover, exercise, and develop all the gifts God has given them.

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